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Basically all my artwork. Some through out and others from inspiration. A lot contains my OCs but what the hella this is my artwork and you can't stop me.

I do a few things which is mostly cartoon style artwork which is quoted "adorable" and "cute" off people. I spend my time mostly drawing Mario related artwork and fan art. I also dip in and out of FNAFs and 123SMS as well. Feel free to browse through my folders and gallery.
So yeah thats my art. :meow:

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What I do and a understanding:

I do a lot of artwork both for me and for others. Also dip in and out of things. However, I DO TAKE MY TIME. This means I do it at my own pace. Please don't rush me. I get annoyed if I'm rushed. I also do the following:

No Requests by Enjoumou ONLY if I WANT to DO THEM!

Closed PComms by Enjoumou I do point commissions but before you commission from me, you need to read the rules which can be found here: Point commissions list. (CLOSED)CLOSING FOR A WHILE...I NEED A BREAK! 
Greetings guys. It's me, Miss SJ14 here and oh look the PC are open yet again! :iconexciteddummyplz: I've changed and add some new stuff to the PC. Please make sure you are looking at this one because this will be my main PC list you will look at now. I'm also going to add links on my profile page to the this. Right enough chit chat....
These will be a good 10 points Points  ( One or two characters only.)  

These will be 15 points
Closed for a while.

Closed Trades by Enjoumou Ask me about them and we'll see. Rules can be found here: Art trades are coming back.... HOWEVER!CLOSED FOR A WHILE...I NEED A BREAK.
There will be rules so I don’t get so ticked off as last time! 
Hiya Guys it’s me Miss SJ14 here and I’m bringing art trades back. As a lot of you know I don’t do request anymore because I prefer Point commissions :points:. But I also like getting something in return for drawing. Requests were only something I did because I was still learning and at the time working on how I would go with this site. 
Yes I used to do Art trades but somebody (not gonna name and shame) ticked me off so badly that I quit doing them! :stinkeye:  But then I thought…I might as well re-do them again. Angry wait 
Also keeping PC open in case you don’t want a trade but remember you have to pay me. Now that they are
Again closed for a while.

FO Gifts by EnjoumouYes. But ONLY If I WANNA GIVE A GIFT Please don't beg! I don't like it! I only do gifts if I have time or feel like I wanna give a gift to.

Ask Collabs by Enjoumou I will join in a COLLABS but my entry can be quite late because of bad memory lost. So sorry about that. ^^;

And that's what I do for Artwork.

Feel free to remind me
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I respect the King of Koopas and citizens of Darkland. We will fight and protect him and one day defeat the Mario bros. There is no stopping him!
The Koopa clan has always been part of me!
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MY TWO FAVOURITE BOWSER THEMES SO FAR. (yes they are from the M&LSerise.)
Mario and Luigi Bowser's inside story- Bowser!

Mario and Luigi Paper jam- Bowser's coming

The two other characters I love!


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3 years of dA (dA story re-writen)

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 17, 2017, 9:15 AM
Dah da da dah da dah dah daaaaaahhhh, this account has just turned 3!I am a dummy! Party PARTY HARD 

…It really doesn’t feel like 3 years but I wanna do something special and re write my dA story and you’ll see how much this site has helped me with being more myself, sharing artwork and making friends. 

So…Here we go! :D

Bullet; Purple The beginning of a new art: 

Bullet; Purple Koops and SJ created: 

Bullet; Purple Cystic Fibrosis reveled: 

Bullet; Purple K, Gums and Goop created: 

Bullet; Purple Creating Soulless: 

Bullet; Purple Friends I've met: 

Bullet; Purple What to expect now with art and this year:

Bowser Emblem _______________________________________________________Bowser Emblem 
I started drawing or doodling when I was around 10 and it wasn’t much until I came 12 and started falling in love with Video games especially the Mario franchiser. I started drawing more but throughout till I was 16…I wouldn't show anyone my talents or even artwork. Sure I did a few sketches in high school at lunch but I would hide my art from everyone ( I still kinda do.) I was just…Afraid and scared of what feedback I would get.

It wasn’t until I was in Year 11 and I had Facebook at the time but because I didn’t tell or show anyone in high school or rl what I do in my spare time ( I technically lied to people because of me thinking people would judge or bully me A bit more… ) I needed to start somewhere and just get away and escape to somewhere where I could try and show my talents and show what I like.

And thats where DeviantART came in! 

The beginning of a new art: 

So I made the account on January 17th of 2014 and had no idea what to do or start with. I was hella nervous at the start on what I wanted to focus on and the art I did on my iPad app called Paper 53 (digital art). I was a fan of Mario bros in situations at the time and started drawing Luigi in situations (like you do :P ) with a art style I had at the time which now looking back isn’t very good. 

After about a few weeks my art was low and I wasn’t satisfied with how I would continue with that style so I started taking skills from high school. Also At this time I was also having an operation to have my Port inserted (no body knew or knew I had CF at this point.). 

In my Key stage 4 years I was doing GCSE Art and Design at the time (as well as Photography and a BTEC Media course). They taught me how to make things out of shaped when sketching so you have a basically bace line. So I tried that but with colouring pencils instead. Still not to my satisfaction then the last attempt before down right quitting was Promarkers I had a set I started using a very little because I was not very keen on them because the ink smudged. But after trying Biro over the top it really worked out well so from then on thats what I use for art. 

Then around the end of 2015 I started using sharpies as a shading material inside the promarkers to make my art more focused and stand out. Also over the years been working on camera settings including lighting and some effects on Photoshop. Then tried blending promarkers together for more effect on the character and the background sometimes. This was more a 2016 thing. 

Koops and SJ created: 

In March of 2014 I was thinking of having an Mario OC that I could have after studying a bit more about OCs and FCs, here they seem to be a thing. Now a lot of you know that Koops is based off my Koopa Plush (called Koops :P) and I wanted to make him into a character so sketch book and ideas away. he kinda worked but needed more touch at the time wasn’t until June he had a new look. So where’s SJ then? Well at the time SJ was me hiding my true identity but it wasn’t until I fully got into RP and around September she finally became my main OC. And Miss Starjaws14 sure has a BIG impact here as a character/persona. Sure she’s gone through some changes too and a ton more detail. 

miss SJ14 ID by StarJaws14
Just Koops by StarJaws14

Me and Koops by StarJaws14 Take it easy by StarJaws14
Ya will never take us alive! by StarJaws14 Meet the paper Troublesome two by StarJaws14

AT: This ain't no ordinary bros battle. by StarJaws14 Lookin back at our old selves by StarJaws14 National cuppa brew day...I mean coffee day. by StarJaws14

Cystic Fibrosis reveled: 

Yep, it’s true what I’m about to tell you but…I didn’t want to TELL anyone I have Cystic Fibrosis and related Diabetes. Why? Because I deal with enough of the issues in school and in Rl at the time, not a lot of people world wide may not know what it is and I was just scared of what people would think of me. But 2014 and 2015 were hard for the CF life, for still being in paediatrics, having IVs every 3 month of those years, dealing with…Depression and a ton of issues which you can read here: 

( you might not wanna read these, your choice.) 
And at the time I didn’t know what to write about…So journals on dA are also what I blog on ( that explains why I write a lot and in detail when doing journals.) But…It got more and more frustration and…I needed to say it out loud. Sure there still a lot to explain with CF and how or what it is. But so many people see that I’m a strong and brave person with everything I go through…

K, Gums and Goop created: 

I needed some side characters and well I just had these guys in mind. So in December of  2014 they started appearing in RPs with people  then as friends of SJ and Koops but also have there own purposes. Sure they are not as detailed as SJ and Koops but hey, it will build over time. 

Goop by StarJaws14 K and Gums by StarJaws14

That time once again by StarJaws14 Bring on a fight! by StarJaws14 The joys of Autumn by StarJaws14

A lil bit too much heat to take in by StarJaws14

Also like to point out that the Drybones gang where also created around the end of 2014. 
The Drybones gang by StarJaws14
Rotting to the bone: The Drybones Gang by StarJaws14

Creating Soulless: 

I’ve also wanted to have an insane character and what better then to have a nightmare demon hiding within a character. So in 2015 how about the one character who is friendly but a coward. 

Soulless SJ is a tough character that I wanted to add to explain why SJ is so short tempered but also the Fully evil mode. Sure it ruins SJ’s life but it sure does explain a few things. Especially now that Soulless makes SJ’s flames slightly dangerous. Decided to make Soulless fully purple and with darker colours, I was learning shading at the time and it works well with Soulless. 

Soulless frist appered: 
One bad Nightmare by StarJaws14
more update on design: 
I control you! by StarJaws14 Soulless's words by StarJaws14
Latest design: 
The sides of Soulless by StarJaws14

Friends I've met: 

Meeting new friends in 2014: 
:iconiwatchcartoons715: :iconjessicamario: :iconmariorandom57: :iconpinkprincesslora: :iconprincessdaisy68: :iconluigislittleangel: :iconsmdkfan: :iconphillipzu: :iconbrotendrawer: 
:iconchaowie: :iconbrowa123: :iconpoker10403: 
:iconhappy-acid: :iconmarioxmariana: and :iconprincessrosalina100: (which has now moved). 

Some I don’t talk to as much as I did in 2014 but I still am a friend to them and I love all there art. Plus some I still RP these days. 

 Meeting new friends in 2015: 
:iconsilvalucystar: :iconkonggers: :iconcrazystarlightrene01: :iconlemonrainbowpie: :iconepoxxic: :iconpizza-and-fandoms: :icondrybonesgirl1: (has moved) and :iconlittlewolfiestar: 

Meeting new friends in 2016: 
:iconlovexyhub: :iconediemammon: :icontchaikorsakovich1812: :iconmiix4befree12: :icontheaspiequint: :iconthe-icy-koopa: :iconblueyoshiegg:  :iconchrishartleyz: :iconsugumi-gumi: :icontiddlywinx1: and :iconblueknightice: 

What to expect now with art and this year:

Well I may have fallen a bit with resent uploads but don’t worry I’m still drawing. There is however going to be more Mario related art and COMICS I’m bloody gonna try and work on comics this year. But for now I’m working on art once again and will not say much this year. There is gonna be a lotta Bowser related artwork again XD. Super Mario Odyssey - Bowser Icon 

Also like to point out that my account will be changing it’s name. The StarJaws name has been going for a long time ( I think it was 11 I made that name up for my DS and online play) But don’t worry the StarJaws14 will still be with us. Causes that SJ’s name :P. So at some point this week you’ll see my account name change. 

And yeah. 

Bowser Emblem _______________________________________________________Bowser Emblem 

But three years sure has been a lot. I look back to when I used to not show people my talents or artwork now I do and I’ve even got my encouragement to show old friends from high school what I draw with Instagram ( cause I ain’t on Facebook no more) and the amount of feedback, comments, likes/favourites I get for my drawings, creativity and style. 

It’s just…DeviantART…Has HELPED Me loads, all the people, the community I have found here I never though I could be myself and hey sometimes I show my family my art now and they understand a bit more on why I like Mario franchiser so much ( I collect a lot which will be posted an update this year cause I couldn’t do it at the end of last year). I don’t feel as judged as I would, I can finally open true emotions and just have some fun on here. Sure there are days or weeks where I leave or is down right grumpy, annoyed even depressed. I come here and you guys help me get back on my feet. It’s just. Thank you. 

Thank you everyone for letting me be part of this wonderful community, I honestly think that dA…Has changed my life and how I like things and no longer feel empty or disconnected from people. 

There are some people I wanna meet one day once my SAD gets more controlled and I really love every single on of you who have the time and effort to draw my characters, comment on my art and journals and just…:huggle: Help me when things are low and you read/listen to my words and I…I just feel more like myself. 

Again, thank you. :huggle: 

Bowser Emblem _______________________________________________________Bowser Emblem 

And now to look at the statistics from when when I've began to now 

3 years I've...

617 Deviations  
80,064 Pageviews  
16 Scraps  
210 Watchers  
Forum Posts  
15,651 Favourites

This years target is reaching 100K pageviews and more watchers the past two year targets were to gain 100 watchers and reach 50K 

Then my first watcher: :iconluigiyoshi2210: 

Lastest watcher: :iconxxkristy-chanxx: 

Bowser Emblem _______________________________________________________Bowser Emblem 

Starting the year off in hospital

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 2, 2017, 9:19 AM
First off thanks :iconjessicamario: for informing others last night and for doing that for me. Also I'm just pointing this out now every time I get new news about my health whiles in hospital I'll update this journal and give dates as I'm in for 2 weeks. 

Yeah basely Mum wanted to get me checked and honest right thing to do, I wasn't getting any better. So yeah A&E ( or ER) for 4-5 hours yesterday just getting admission, tho old horrible memories came crawling back when it came to the blood test *shivers* and having to find space for me as the CF unit is full for now. So I'm in a heart unit for now cause I'm in isolation. Then it was just waiting for my port to be inserted and that wasn't till 2am then they did my first lot of IVs too. Then again at 6am so great not much sleep. Then having to get all my sats tested including a ECG thanks to my heart beating fast ( Damn you Anxiety) and meeting some of the CF nurses and doctors who hopefully I'll be with them soon. So yes I've grown a chest infection ( that explains all the sputum I was bringing up) and they also think I have influenza (Flu) So...Everyone who comes in the room is wearing gowns, gloves and masks to come and see me. What makes it worst is...My family have to do the same.

It's really creeping me out. O_o

Oh and appetite ain't great so... yeah I'm hungry but I don't wanna eat. *sighs* Ah well here we go again another course of 2 weeks of IV antibiotics and a bunch of tests. 

Some kinda start to the new year this is! :grump: 

So how am I feeling? Not great still but a little better still tired and a little hungry, tho my appetite is picking up slowly managing to eat more than I was when at home. The good news is I've moved wards now. I'm now in the CF unit in my hospital, first time too and the room is lovely, makes me feel more relaxed now. Also feeling a bit happier. Tho I am gonna have to give the heart ward a round of applause for dealing with there first Cystic Fibrosis patent ever on their ward. But I am glad to be closer to people who understand CF well. 

Now about the whole Flu thing, I'm afraid it's true, I do have Influenza; The A type to be exact so everyone like doctors, nurses, cleaners, parents, family still have to wear masks, gloves and gowns so they don't catch it because it's contagious. Then I have Tobi levels done and they are normal so hopefully no sharp finger pricks till next week. 

So yeah still got Lung function to have and already I can tell results will be lower and just getting ride of all the crap in my system, at least I'm wanting to eat a little now tho still breathless. That's why I went in a wheel chair when transferring wards yesterday, physio are gonna try and get me back into excise soon so I should be okay, even if it's just a walk. 

Ah... Weekends in hospital, they’re alway quite. Tho I am still quite busy trying to get better.

The good news is I am feeling a bit more like myself ( I’ve got my sarcasm and cheek back ;P ). Appetite coming back a bit more feel a bit more like eating and snacking now. And I have more good news, my Flu is no longer contagious so I’m getting people visiting me normal now and it feels nice, the masks and gowns were creeping me out a bit. 

I’ve also had my Lung Function and yes I was right results are lower. Gone from 71% down to 53% so yes it’s low but thats because of the Flu I’ve got. Also heard it will stay in my system for at least 6-8 weeks. So it’s really important that we get physio, excises, IVs and meds back into my system and get me at a most healthy way as possibly with my CF. 

Speaking of excises, forget the whole "just a walk" thing, nah I’ve been building up speed on an Excises bike in the CF Gym; and DAMN dose it feel good to get back into excises! Especially because it’s been 3 weeks since I’ve last done running. 

So yeah but apart from that I’ve just been in a room mostly sleeping, watching TV, coughing ( a lot), building a Chardizard, hugging meh plushies whiles being in a bit of pain and playing Super Mario marker 3DS and Rhythm Praises Megamix (which I’ve almost completed). So yeah.

All I know is next week this usually happens but I’m gonna start getting a bit bored and initiate with things since I’m in Isolation (can't leave the room). Tho the room does NOT help sometimes, makes meh sleepy and just...:flop: 

Tho the good news is that Mum kindly brought my computer in so I can start replying to some of the nicest comments I’ve seen in a while and if my motivation is okay, Roleplay. But yeah I’m probably in till the 14th maybe depends if my SATs decided to pick up and my chest is a lot better. ( At least I’m not getting chest pains anymore). 

So yeah. 



Well already feeling home sick :homesick: , tired Sooooo Tired , bored Bored  and meh…

But I’m doing okay, this usually happens in the start of the second week of IVs. Anyway health wise is getting a lot better, I’ve had another Lung function and results are slowly going up, blood test come back and show that my Flu/virus levels are coming down so that good. I’m not feeling as much symptoms as before but I’m still peeky over food and just more tired still. 

Also the last few days have been a bit of a struggle, my port/gripper needle ( the Awkward port it is) decided to make it harder for them to draw back blood for my blood tests and it causes an issue with flushing so yesterday IVs times we’re all over the place. Lucky it’s fixed now and they we’re still able to get blood out of me, besides nurses know if you are needle phobic if you have a portacath instead of long lines and canulars. *shivers thinking about them and the past* And turns out they have to push down on the needle to make it flush faster since it’s stiff. Great :grump: Not only that BUT MY LEFT SIDE IS ACKING! I can’t scratch, I can’t lie on it cause it hurt and the dressings making me a bit itchy. Gah! Also if there is blood stuck in the line and I see it, lets just say I’ll be in panic mode ^^;

But like I said it seems to be okay now, at least IV’s are easy peasy :D. (even if i can’t go anywhere for a while.) Also more Tobi levels done today hooray?~ ( I hate having them done but the prick isn’t as bad so…Why am I so anxious?!) But I've had them done now I'm just waiting for the results and to have my tobramycin later on this evening. 

Now I have also been for my ENT appointment this morning and saw the results of that CT scan I had back in December. I’m afraid it’s bad news. Looking at the CT (which is so weird btw) shows that my left nasal polyp is bad and blocking most of my noes and now my right if going the same direction. So after trying 4 nasal sprays and a bunch of nasal drops, nothing has worked. So…

I’m afraid I’m gonna have to have them surgicaly removed once again. They did say they come back every 5-7 years so great. Tbh I knew it would lead to needing another operation on my noes at some point. So I don’t know when I’ll have that? but I asked a bunch of questions this morning and yes it’s done under General anaesthesia and I’ll be on the CF ward for coming in and recovery. Plus anaesthesia needs to be motored carefully in Cystic Fibrosis and see if my chest is well enough for the operation. It probably will be. 

So I don’t know when this operation will be, could be February, March, April idk. But yeah. So apart from that, that’s whats been happening. 

Saw a doctor this morning during ward round and they have said that I will need another Chest X-ray to hopefully see some improvements and they said a few more days of IVs my Lung functions still isn’t where they want it to be, so a few more days possibly be out by early next week. So yeah. 

Now if you excuse meh, I’ve got lunch to eat. *tucks into a toasted bacon sandwich* 

( lost track of days/dates XD) 14/1/17:

Well it's been 13 days now of my 14 days of IVs treatment. And in myself I'm probably feeling the best I've been for like WEEKS! I'm eating more and finally got muscles back in my legs to then give me the passion to wanting to start running again when out. Which I will get onto in just a minute.

The last week I've started at like 10 minutes of excise and today managed to get back into 30 minutes (which is what I aim for each day (( okay it's 20-30 minutes of excise)) ) and it felt good to also add in some 30 second sprints, we see that my sats seem to be coming back to normal including my oxygen levels however, during this time my blood pressure is still low, now I'm not sure if thats because I just have a low blood pressure to begin with or it's to do with the Flu that is still in my body. But nobody is worried about it and it seems normal now so yay. Weight is also up by 2 pounds (since I lost 4 whiles being ill) so yes at least I'm eating again and I'm gonna work on putting weight back on. As for my diabetes, seems normal now tho my fingers hurt from all the blood sugar motoring I've been doing ( it's every meal when in hospital). So thats health whiles.

Doctors seem to be happy with my results now and that my Influenza is no longer symptomatic or contagious and the 2nd X-ray shows some clearance. So...

This means I might be discharged tomorrow ( Sunday evening). HOWEVER, it depends on one test my lung function. But tbh it's looking like I'm leaving cause the number they want me to get I am so close to. Besides already heard they are sorting out my discharge letter plus I...*sighs* Although the staff are really lovely and so is the unit I still wanna be at home with my family. So I'm hoping it's tomorrow. But in a way it's looking like my course of IVs and time in hospital should be ending tomorrow. 

Then no hospital till February cause all the appointments I was going to attend have all been done or moved, clinic will be 3-4 weeks after addition to see how I'm doing. Then I guess...It's just planning and being prepared for this operation I've gotta have, my Anxiety might calm down about it soon (maybe when I get a date for it) but Doctors are now aware that I'll be back for that. And monthly port flushes. ^^; So yeah. 

But when I get out and back at home. I AM SO DRAWING! I miss my sweet sets of promarkers, pens and creativity and motivation however a New years resolution for me this year is this...

I am NO longer going to tell you guys what I'm drawing or keep diaries of it. Cause half of the ideas I have DON'T get done and I feel like I disappoint people when artwork I've planned never comes out. So I'm keeping things quite and maybe I'll show a art progress. But for now I wanna get back to some artwork I've been wanting to do for a while. So yes. 

But when I get home it's artwork, heading back to the shop ( I miss it and the staff), helping around the house, driving, theory and running! So yes. Hopefully, I'm allowed out tomorrow. 

* Writing this now so I don't have to write a home journal tomorrow and about my health.* 


...I'M HOME NOW!!! They let me go cause my results reached the target! And DAMN does it feel good to be back home. 

But I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who commented on this journal and that you guys didn't mind me blogging my time in hospital as this was my first time in the Adult ward after the transition from times in the children's ward. Plus I know quite a few people here who do worry about meh when I fall ill. 

So yeah, SJ's back to her good self and will get back to working on some artwork as I miss drawing. 

So yeah. It's good to be back home and own bed and just life. Tho these things happen to me and I know what to expect now that I've stayed with the CF ward so if it does happen again I won't be to anxious. 

So again, thanks guys. 

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A good NEW Christmas of 2016

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 26, 2016, 2:39 PM

Hiya guys and *is late saying this* Happy christmas. So…Since my parents are separated now, this was my first spit Christmas, at first I through I was gonna dread it but in all honestly it worked out better than I thought. That why I wrote "NEW" in the title. The plan was to stayed at Dad’s Christmas Eve and part of Christmas, stay with Mum Christmas Day and then part of Boxing day with my Grandparents. 

Reindeer Divider Reindeer Divider 
On Christmas Eve me and my sister stayed with Dad and went to go see one of my favourite musicals Chitty Chitty Bang Bang :D absolute loved it! I was glad to have not watched in in years to forget half of the songs. Then it was food, crackers and yo-yos thrown at us XD afterwards. Then just head back and watched a bunch of TV before heading to bed. 

Christmas Tree (Small) Christmas Tree (Small) Christmas Tree (Small) Christmas Tree (Small) Christmas Tree (Small) Christmas Tree (Small) Christmas Tree (Small) Christmas Tree (Small) Christmas Tree (Small) Christmas Tree (Small) Christmas Tree (Small) Christmas Tree (Small) Christmas Tree (Small) Christmas Tree (Small) Christmas Tree (Small) 
Then a good old Christmas day morning it was and came tho it was very different to the years we’ve been doing it but it felt nice and didn’t bother me too much. I did get some nice things off Dad and his side of the family. 

Screen Shot 2016-12-26 at 21.34.29 by StarJaws14

After that it was a good old cooked breakfast before driving home for Christmas to Mums for more presents and food. Cracking open the bucks fizz and then tackling meh pile…And a lot of sellotape. 
Screen Shot 2016-12-26 at 21.34.37 by StarJaws14

Then it was good old Turkey and at ton of food to eat. Now my appetite is still a little off so I didn’t eat too much tho I did manage to eat box of mint match makers to myself…Kinda ^^; Hee. ( I don’t share them when I should XD)  Then as I’m British, how about I play a board game about it :XD: Me and Mum sure know our British culture well XD… Okay mum does I know bits. XD Then it was movies and maybe falling asleep, curling in my Charmander onesie and forgetting how warm my lounge is. :XD: 

Christmas La Christmas La Christmas La Christmas La Christmas La Christmas La Christmas La Christmas La Christmas La 

Then comes Boxing day ( St. Stephen's Day) Ah  yes the one day where rules can be broken!… Eh…HeeI am meaning I didn’t do meds or eat till 11:30am ^^; (Oops) Cause I got distracting with level making and rhythm button mashing fun with my 3DS. THANK GWAD I sorted my Nintendo ID and Internet out a few weeks back otherwise no Mario Maker! :grump: Then just being in PJs all day till heading off to my grandparents for stake and cider on the house. Also got some more promarkers and drawing stuff off my Grandparents and Uncle. Then just nothing but banta and joking around till home. 

LL: Christmas La LL: Christmas La LL: Christmas La LL: Christmas La LL: Christmas La LL: Christmas La 

All I know now is where the hella do I put everything?

And I have got to sort my old socks out to make room for the 20 pairs of socks I got ( I love getting socks. )  Sock La all the chocolate oh boy…That and I have to insert a Fire TV stick in my room now. Something tells me I might get back into Netflixs. 

Hey, maybe I’ll even finish an anime series now since I never quite finish one. ^^; So yeah. 

:misteltoe: :misteltoe: :misteltoe: :misteltoe: :misteltoe: :misteltoe: :misteltoe: :misteltoe: :misteltoe: :misteltoe: :misteltoe: :misteltoe: :misteltoe: 
That was christmas. Btw I didn’t need 16 units of Insulin this year, just 6 due to my ratios being different and MUCH easier to handle. So yeah, now I’m stuff from all the excitement and food, it’s meds then bed I think. SJ needs sleep.

Good night to you all. I’m gonna try and get back into the artwork now that I’m feeling a HELLA lot better now. Hope you all had a good christmas yourselves. 

Christmas Owl .:Merry x mas:. Christmas Owl 

That’s all. Season greetings ( I have no idea how to end a Christmas journal) 

From Miss SJ14 :D

Journal History


GUYS I fixed it!...Well okay I read it somewhere but basically go to the Edit page at the top and it'll show that you can still add things to folders! Only pointing this out to people who have the New dA layout in Gallery and Favourites. 
What the hell dA! Why can't I put favourites into folders?! :rage: 
What the hell dA! Why can't I put favourites into folders?! :rage: 
I've been thinking about this for a lil while but some point this month I'm gonna change my username the same as my Tumblr and Instagram because I prefer it. However, still debating wether I want to add the 14 or not. That way I don't have to change me signature. I'll probably do it after my page turns 3 and I've re-writen something... 
So are we doing anything for New year this year?...Yes...A house party. Me is not exactly looking forward to new year it's not that I don't get on with anyone that I do. It's just...I'm ill. At least it's at home so I have the option of staying in my room and that's what I'm gonna do. I know it's not very sociable of me but I'm barely in the mood to celebrate the new year, I'm just gonna do meds and hit the hey before mid night. Like I did last year. I've just never been a fan of new year and partying. *sighs* So yeah, if I had the effort I would drink and have fun but...Nah, no energy and sleep is more important to me especially when I'm ill. 

Plus peace and quite. I don't like loud noises or attention when ill. 
So...You thought you were well enough to do stuff then it just comes crawling back. I through I was getting better but nope I'm just extremely tired, feel sick, shivering ( I'm talking teeth chattering) and can't stop coughing. I'm gonna give it one more week on the Oral antibiotics and if I'm still feeling groggy...*sighs hard* I'm gonna get checked for a chest infection with the CF team at my local hosptial. Plus I'm barely eating...Tho I am sleeping a bit more. So yeah that's why I haven't been online too much...*sighs* 


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ID: Bout me


The names Emma but please call me SJ. ^u^ Anyway welcome to my homepage. I hope you enjoy my artwork/comics. Please feel free to talk to me or you can just be random with me, I heart being random! X3 But hey at lease I am friendly. I will joke around and be a bit sarcastic most of the time but like I said I like to joke around. XD Also I am a very creative person with a lot of imagination and love to just spend time drawing and with my favourite fandoms.

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Well...where do I begin. Oh yes...
:bulletpurple: I am a 19 year old girl who is kinda shy but friendly.
:bulletblue: I am a teenage girl who has Cystic Fibrosis and CF related diabetes ( so thats CF and CFRD) I also have Anxiety and SAD ( Social Anxiety Disorder) *sighs hard*. Therefore it takes over my life but I learn to cope with it....Some days....It's hard but it doesn't stop me. I like to be more social online than rl. "Just gotta look towards the positive side" - Miss SJ
:bulletpurple: My favourite colour is purple. I do like blue and grey as well.Oh and don't forget Green.
:bulletblue: I am a HUGE fan of the Mario franchiser.
:bulletpurple: I love playing video games (mostly RPGs, platforms and puzzles) and drawing mostly cartoons in my spare time.
:bulletblue: I like eating. Cookies are my favourite then anything with BBQ sauce or sweet chill on it. :drool:
:bulletpurple: I'm not best at grammar and tend to stumble a lot when talking ^^; but I can still talk, create and write stuff mostly blogs.
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Oh yeah...I need to

Well New usernames here. 

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Hee hee. They really help me out and I thank every single one of them. They made me feel welcome to the community and they just some really nice people to have. :D :huggle:



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